China Resource Network
an organization that trains executives to be more effective in their China operations
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    China Resource Network

  • China Resource Network

    China Resource Network

  • China Resource Network

    China Resource Network

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Why Join CRN?

China Resource Network is a peer-to-peer organization devoted to bringing together executives in Industry to share Best Practices in their China operations. 

Our members represent companies large and small, but they are all interested in learning how to be more effective in China.

Our seminars, webinars, conferences and online materials prepare you to be more successful.



As one of the benefits of membership, we hold seminars, webinars and conferences throughout the year  - check here for upcoming events.

If you are not a member yet, you are welcome to attend. Non-members pay the full price, members pay half price.



It can be frustrating navigating between two dramatically different business environments, join CRN and  take advantage of our regular technical seminars as well as the opportunity to share Best Practices with other executives.



Whether you are managing staff in China or are taking that Expat assignment in Beijing, coaching can guide you through the critical decisions managers need to make. We will help you answer technical questions, improve as a manager, work through negotiation or conflict.  An expert to mentor you when you need it. find a coach