China Resource Network
an organization that trains executives to be more effective in their China operations

Kim Kirkendall has more than 25 years’ experience in international business, beginning her career by moving to China in 1986. Today her company helps lead clients through the process of expanding or mediating their business development in Asia.

As president of International Resource Development, she works with businesses developing their international manufacturing, sourcing, and sales operations in Asia and the U.S. She lived in China for five years where she studied Chinese language and then took a position with a U.S. company managing factories. In Shanghai where she oversaw the plants, Kirkendall also developed local raw material suppliers, managed ties with the local government, and directed process improvement at the plant. In Hong Kong as the General Manager of the subsidiary export firm, she managed all SE Asian manufacturers, overseeing her replacement in Shanghai, developed purchasing and quality systems, and handled international sales.

When Kirkendall moved to the U.S., she took a position with a new company on the west coast and led the Product Sourcing department. While there she developed a Target Costing program, set up a new supply chain department in L.A. executive offices, and managed an import/inventory control team in San Francisco. She traveled frequently to oversee and train employees in their many offices throughout several countries in Asia.

In Ohio where she currently lives, she has held positions in operations, serving as Director of Operations and position in accounting serving as CFO for various companies. Today she is president of International Resource Development where she works with businesses developing their international manufacturing, sourcing, and sales operations.

Ms. Kirkendall has advised organizations such as the World Trade Center, the U.S. Export Assistance Council, Ohio Department of Trade, Ohio State Distinguished Lecture Series, the Department of Defense Strategic Foreign Language Task Force, John Carroll University, National Conference on Chinese Language Education, and many other universities and trade groups throughout the country. She is on the board of Ohio State University’s Flagship Program and the University of Akron’s Confucius Institute as well as Cleveland State’s Global Business Program. She promotes Chinese language in today’s schools systems, advising K-12 schools and universities in the adoption/expansion of Chinese language programs.