China Resource Network
an organization that trains executives to be more effective in their China operations

Who We Are

CRN members represent a variety of companies in a broad group of industries – industrial machinery, consumer products, infrastructure materials, chemicals, etc. What they have in common is the experience in China to know what they don’t know, and a desire to learn more.

Through the organization members are provided a platform to share best Business Practices for development in China. Membership is by application and acceptance, which we require so that the organization remains focused on executives and companies that are actively engaged in China. This is not an organization to sell your services to other members, we are not the typical “networking” group where you join to find more clients.

This is a peer-to-peer learning organization, and as such we reserve the right to limit membership to companies that are actively involved in industry / service businesses in China. We invite select service providers, identified as CRN partners, to provide additional technical content in their area of expertise. They are represented on the website, exclusive to their industry and regions in China, and their contribution helps to build that knowledge base for our members.

China Resource Network

is a networking support group for prominent U.S. companies across all industries who are actively involved in business with China. Services available to members include; seminars, webinars, an online library of industry resources, discounted coaching services, tips from experts, prominent news and developments in China. High level, technical, and experienced-based information is circulated among members by facilitators. The group provides a platform for networking to share best practices on how to effectively navigate the Chinese market. As we like to say, our members are the experts they call to present at conferences on China. We are group of knowledgeable people, who share Best Practices within the CRN organization to help the whole membership to improve.

Our History

CRN was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Kirkendall, President of International Resource Group, Inc., when she spoke at a manufacturing conference presenting tips on doing business in China. At that conference an audience member suggested we should start a group of executives who were actively doing business in China. We collected business cards from the audience members interested and the group has evolved to where it is today. CRN actively holds monthly meetings, annual conferences and frequent seminars/ webinars. The group draws its membership from 5-6 states in the Midwest and is expanding across the nation through a more robust online platform launched in 2013.

How We Connect

Over the years CRN has grown. While we still remain connected around the hub provided by our Facilitator, group members have different opportunties to connect with each other.  Throughout the year CRN members come to conferences, webinars, trainings and use those opportunties to reach out to others. At many conferences a group member will stand up and present an issue they are facing, looking for someone elses experience or input.  Throughout the year CRN members also send emails to the facilitator with specific requests - a position they need to fill, a building they have for lease in China, wanting to network with someone who has dealt with a particular issue. As membershipi grows we anticipate adding more connection opportunities into our online platform launched in 2013.