China Resource Network
an organization that trains executives to be more effective in their China operations

Who We Are

China Resource Network was founded in 2003 to provide companies who are heavily involved in China a peer-to-peer organization for executives to share their experiences; successes and failures.  It gives members an opportunity to learn from each other and improve their effectiveness in China. Read More

Benefits of Membership

As a member of China Resource Network, company executives have access to updated technical information needed to be effective in their business with China.  Through interaction online as well as conferences, meetings and webinars / seminars, members are provided a platform to share their best practices for business development in China.
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Individual - one executive who is actively involved in business in China can join and have the right to that one person to sign up for events at the member's discount. Read More

Corporate - the key member joins CRN and designates up to three other executives from the same company to receive email notices / attend events / access the database.  Join Now Read More

Who Leads the Group

The CRN founder acts as facilitator who provides training, helps guide discussion and connects members. She is an expert on many areas of technical information, recent initiatives and current challenges in China.  Kim Kirkendall has 27 years experience in China and a wealth of practical knowledge in operations, accounting / tax, and sales. 
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Membership to CRN gives members a 50% discount on conferences, seminars and webinars, and training classes as well as access to our online database of materials:

  • Seminars - half-day, 3-4 hour targeted discussions on topics such as VAT, tax, HR, labor law and regulations, incorporation, product certification process, etc.
  • Webinars - some of our seminars are also offered as webinars.
  • Conferences - held a minimum of twice a year, they are all-day conferences bringing members together to discuss relevant, current topics related to business in China. Speakers include guests from China and CRN member companies presenting their topics and information. In past conferences, we have had presentations on how to write a successful CCC application, develop a B to B loyalty program, manage through an acquisition, build a modern supply chain, etc.  
  • Training - a training program was developed by the CRN facilitator for a major international trading company in Orlando to challenge their executives on how to be more effective in dealing with Chinese suppliers, coworkers, and customers. The class was presented to thousands of people over the last 10 years in groups no larger than 25. This is our most successful program targeted for experience business people in China. Not an entry-level culture class.
  • Technical information - growing our database of technical white papers on industry research, legal and tax regulations, best practices pulled from CRN members, etc.

Seminars are held across the country bringing leading industry experts to speak on prominent and industry-specific technical topics from taxes, legal concerns, to labor issues. High level, technical, experience-based information is provided for companies across all industries.

Both the online and onsite platforms provide expert and experienced-based information from China service providers, our partners, on specifics about China's labor laws, wage and labor facts, extensive documents on Chinese customs, research on current industry, and blogs with modern information not available through entry-level internet information. Select cities hold monthly meetings over breakfast or lunch where productive discussions can occur.

The online website database has extensive material involving business practices and development in China.  Past seminar / conference presentations, white papers, articles over technical topics in specific fields provided by our partners. Members have free and unlimited access to the technical information made available through the extensive database.